Being a Straightedge

I get a lot of shit from a lot of different people for being a straightedge. As a result, I’m writing this post to clear some things up, and frankly to tell some people off. (the main takeaways from each number are underlined) 1) The other day…

Funny “Bad Translator” Result

You have to have heard of Bad Translator – check out this awesome result. From English: saturday night live To Vietnamese: Thứ bảy đêm sống Back to English: Saturday night live To Catalan: Dissabte a la nit en directe Back to English: Saturday night live To Chinese Simplified: 星期六夜活 Back to…

Still Not Sure..

I’m still not sure which direction I want to take this website. Should it be personal? Should it be about being a Police Volunteer? Should it be about computers ‘n’ stuff? Should it be about drums? Hmmm….

My First Post

Well, I guess it’s time for me to start blogging. Let’s see how this goes.